Serrano Country Club | Maureen & Michael Wedding Event


What a grand way to start twenty-ten!

~ With a romantic wedding! ~

Maureen and Michael’s big day was held at Serrano Country Club in El Dorado Hills. Which actually turned out to be a lovely and sunny afternoon on the first Saturday of the New Year! Maureen and I shared something in common that day…. a special day for her, her wedding, and also for me, my birthday! We were all celebrating!

Maureen envisioned her wedding day in timeless soft colors; oodles of elegant drama encompassed with an abundance of romantic candlelight to create the mood she wanted her and Michael to experience along with their dearest family and wedding guests.

She decided upon an array of tonal gold’s, coupled with creamy ivories & whites, heavy usage of crystals and bling! bling! along with their twist of the monogram having their first initials coupled with the number two.

Hence, a repeating theme of their “M2M” throughout their wedding festivities.

She wanted her entire floral design to be dramatic, artful, all florals to be in the palette of vanilla creams dripping entirely with crystals. The entire floral design was created once again, by the ever creative Shelley McArdle of Floral Artistry and her production team.

A new twist on the honeymoon trip: Michael surprised our lovely bride for she had no idea where she was going and he packed entirely for her. I’m still awaiting the full story. He was not going to tell her until they arrived at the airport for their departure. Curious, as well? Why they are still in the Bahamas…….enjoying their newly crowned status as Mr. & Mrs. M2M!

Enjoy a handful of images captured by Cindi Kinney and Lorenzo Bartone of CinZo Celebration Photography! Be sure to visit them at!