Merci Beaucoup ~ Parents


I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for creating the most magnificent, magical, and joyous atmosphere for my daughter’s and son in-law’s wedding ceremony.

Throughout the year I observed Jillian and Brent as they planned for their big day. I must say that on one of the biggest days of my life, and Jillian’s, I knew she had made the best choice for her wedding planner.

The day could not have turned out any better, thanks to you and your staff–it was perfect!! The reception room was (OMG!!) amazing. You and your staff made me feel so relaxed. I could really enjoy my daughter’s wedding without any worries.

You really did an amazing job. Thanks again for everything!

Best regards,

Jim and Patti Heisterkamp

Hi Debra,

I just wanted to thank you soo very much for all your expert attention you gave to Megan’s and Phill’s wedding. It was absolutely breathtaking and all of our friends are still talking about all the details that were included. You really put your heart and soul into making it such a special occasion and my husband and I thank you.

Thank you again,

Corinne Trautman

I woke up this morning and realized my daughter is getting married tomorrow!

To say I am excited…is a complete understatement! Debra, it has been a pleasure working with you…and to feel like everything is under control…and enjoy this time with my family…well, I just cannot thank you enough.

So, this is just my little thought for the day….as I look at my daughter sleeping, her wedding gown hanging…how fortunate we are to have you in our lives…looking forward to the celebration!

Liz Skinner

Dear Debra and the staff at Très Fabu,

Words cannot express my gratitude for the work you accomplished for my daughter, her husband, my family, and all our guests at her wedding.

She and I had a vision of what we wanted the wedding to represent and where we wanted to be transported on that very special night. You brought us there as if by magic to a time and place that dreams are made of.

However, it wasn’t magic.

It was your hard, hard work and imagination that achieved this dream and for this we, and all who attended the wedding, will be eternally grateful. You and your team are very special people. You became not someone we “hired” but someone who became and will be a dear, dear family friend. “You and the Très Fabu Dream Team” went above and beyond any and all expectations.

You are “très fabu” and in Italian I want to say “sei una cara amica e sempre una parte della mia famiglia.”

Grazie and con amore,

Beverly Sheehy

Breathtaking, Debra.

I have had difficulty thinking of anything else since the day of the wedding so I thank you for forwarding these beautiful pictures for us to review and relive a most incredibly special day. Roger and I love them! I can’t seem to get enough of this wedding!!! CinZo did such an amazing job capturing all the details and the mood of the moment. The quality of these pictures is phenomenal. (I especially LOVE the one of Lauren and her daddy beginning their walk down the aisle). Being caught up in the celebration, we saw things in the pictures we didn’t get a chance to really absorb, such as the rose petal aisle, signs near the cocktail area, the loaded shrimp shooter display, the bridal party table (good call), rowing with the swans, and on and on …

As for our beautiful bride, my one and only Lauren, I am in awe of her. At the risk of sounding like a doting mother, she looks radiant and so genuinely happy-ready to take on her new role with the man of her dreams. Her calm demeanor that day dictated the mood for all. Nothing flustered her. You can see it in her face. Hence, almost everything fell perfectly into place. We should all take a lesson from this. My dashing son-in-law, David, (it feels so good to finally call him this) beams. Their love and affection for one another is as evident in the pictures as it is in day-to-day life. Now we have it captured forever on film for us and their future children to enjoy as often as we like, which in my case will be daily. I can’t tell you how happy we are for them-for us.

I thank you and your most amazing crew for giving us a day we will never forget. The celebration continues as we relive the events of the day with our family and friends who witnessed the “perfect” wedding for Lauren and David. Everyone I have spoken to has given rave reviews to all. We could not have asked for anything more than what was given to us. Thank you, Debra, Shelley, Prestige, Extreme, Esther, Don, Sheffield, CinZo, and all others you brought on board for making our girl’s dream wedding a reality.

All the details made such a vast difference. She and David, as well as Roger and I, are totally thrilled with the result. I can’t wait to hear Mr. and Mrs. Barretts’ responses to these amazing photos. Bless you for sharing with us so quickly.

If only you could feel the gratitude in my heart, Debra-

Love, appreciation, and warmest wishes to you. Hope to speak with you soon.

June Gualano Part I

A most grateful Mother of the Bride who loves you.

Dearest Debra,

It’s been one year since that glorious day in June of 2009 when we celebrated Lauren and David’s magnificent wedding celebration in Elk Grove, California.

A day does not pass without the thought of it floating across my mind, giving me a reason to pause and to sign, even during the most hectic of days-another reason to thank you.

I miss our meetings with you and all the “perfect” vendors you introduced us to which resulted in a most magical event ~ a day unlike any I shall ever experience again. Your attention to detail is captured in our photos; things I did not have time to walk around and take in during the actual event-so stunningly beautiful, Debra.

You have a knack for making your clients feel as if “ours” is the single most important wedding you’ve ever planned. Your natural ability to instill this feeling eliminates the stress and anxiety that is often associated with planning a wedding. You carried our burdens; you must have, because we never felt overloaded. You made it fun-you made it memorable, Debra.

You gave us the opportunity to celebrate the real reason for the day ~ the union of two amazing people who managed to find each other, fell in love and made a commitment to treasure one another all of the days of their lives. The union of our families is more joyous than we could express, a blessing from above-we know this to be true. As was meeting you, Debra-you are our blessing and we are eternally grateful for all you did to provide our only child, our most precious daughter, and our jewel of a son-in-law, with a wedding so exquisite we couldn’t ever have imagined it ourselves alone.

I hope the many notes from your ‘clients’ who fast become your ‘friends’ reassure you that you are sharing the gifts God has blessed you with as He intended. Here’s to your fabulous career!

Heartfelt love and appreciation,

June and Roger Gualano Part II

One-year anniversary note regarding Lauren and David’s wedding.


I will admit that I approached the hiring of a wedding planner with great trepidation. However, after having taken the plunge, I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the entire affair. You have made my daughter’s wedding an experience I will remember fondly and cherish for the rest of my life.

I have heard nothing but rave reviews from both family and friends.

For all of this we are truly grateful.

Our sincerest thanks,

Anthony and Martha Barbosa

Debra created a magical evening for my son and new daughter-in-law. Equally amazing is that the entire wedding reception was created in 4 weeks! She was hired mid-October, and the wedding was November 18. I could never have dreamed of the wonderful event she created.

Karen Wilkes

Mother of the Groom – Mark Wilkes


Thank you for everything! Your attention to detail was exquisite. We were so blessed that Shelley told us about you – you are truly a gifted person and talented designer and we wish you all the best in the future! Every aspect was beyond our expectations and Elisha and Ryan were so happy. Yay God!

All our love,

Kit and Audrey Langstroth

Dear Debra,

The wedding you created for my daughter and her new husband was over-the-top fabulous, beautiful, and perfect in every way. I was so happy about the personal connection and bond you and my daughter developed, which I know came from your desire to give her everything she wanted. And the added frosting on the cake was that you wanted to exceed her every expectation. Well, you did just that Debra.

I know the desires of the bride, the groom, the mothers, the extended family, and the friends all came into play as you created Carmel’s and Tim’s special day. And the fact that we had such a short window within which to work for our destination wedding in Pebble Beach made it potentially even more stressful. Debra, you are a master of disguising stress, if you had any at all. Your calm spirit and manner, your wonderful personality, your organizational skills, and your creativity all came together for an experience Carmel and Tim will never forget-and neither will I.

Thank you for all you did. You are a charming, warm, and loving person who cares deeply about people, which will always translate into creating an exceedingly special experience for anyone whose life has the opportunity to connect with yours.

Best Regards,

Winnie Comstock-Carlson

It was a great wedding, Debra; thanks in large part to your tasteful design and extraordinary oversight.

Thanks again,

Bill Comstock

Dear Debra,

Thanks so much for a fabulous job on the wedding! You know how much our family appreciated everything you did to make Katie’s and Cortney’s wedding a day we will never forget.


Marsha Jones


Calm under fire describes you well. Thank you for your steadfastness, your sweetness, your skill, your talent, and your beautiful smile.


Patricia and Matt Hogan


Thank you ever so much for all you did to make Sara and Jarod’s wedding day the most special event ever!

With all our wishes for your happiness,

Jim and Linda Downs

Dear Debra,

Thank you seems inadequate. You did a flawless job with Cara and Mike’s wedding. These precious memories will be with us forever.

Love from,

Dee Johnson