Merci Beaucoup ~ Wedding Vendors

I cannot say enough good things about Debra and her team at Très Fabu! They made my dream wedding a reality!

I came to Debra with a lot of random ideas and a fragmented vision, and she helped me to create a true vision, which took a lot of the stress of wedding planning off my shoulders.

I have to say that what Debra and her team created was above and beyond my wildest dreams.

I thought my wedding would look great, but she made it look amazing with a ton of extra touches that brought everything together. Having a wedding planner not only eased my stress during the planning process, but it definitely made my wedding day stress-free! I had no worries that everything would go as planned and on time with Debra at the helm, and was I ever right!

I cannot say enough good things about Très Fabu!

Megan Trautman-Sheffield

We loved partnering with Très Fabu this season! Debra Hiebèrt and her staff were truly delightful to work with throughout the entire process. We were continually impressed that she always has her clients’ best interests in mind, keeping a clear vision of the whole event as well as keeping track of all the details, both large and small. Linnae and myself really appreciated her ability to bring such positive energy and a great attitude, while maintaining a very professional approach to each meeting and event.

We look forward to partnering with her in the future and to creating many more amazing events together!!

Jonathan Michael and Linnae Asiel
Asiel Design

Wow Debra!

You are amazing!

I am very impressed with your professionalism and how you brought everything together for Alicia’s and Jim’s wedding. It was such a beautiful and well-planned event. Everything went so smoothly which is so rare at any event. Just shows your “fab” skills at keeping things in order and under control. Not only was the event gorgeous, but it was so well timed and flowed perfectly. Every guest was having a great time and the bride and groom looked so in love and content.

We loved working with you and look forward to sharing images.


Critsey Rowe and Thomas Geist
Critsey Rowe International Wedding Photography

Keeping clients and guests happy is essential. Perfect timing during the wedding day is tricky. Having watched Debra work at a recent wedding we covered together at the world-renowned Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach, California, was a dream.

Debra made sure our clients were always at ease and pampered. Her timing during the wedding day was always perfect. Weddings (and this was an over the top luxurious wedding) are a succession of beautiful, wonderfully orchestrated events, and Debra made sure with ease that each detail, small and large, was never overlooked. Moreover, Debra cares deeply and passionately about her craft of event production and flawless entertaining.

I highly recommend Debra and Très Fabu’s services to any bride, groom, or family member that is looking for the ultimate in care and service.

Marc Weisberg
Master Photographer, Creative Director, Marc Weisberg Studio

Très Fabu Event Planning and Design is simply the best! They treasure the client and simply make all their wishes come true on their dream day! Très Fabu is so Very Fabulous at what they do!

Michelle Lanee Deloncrae


You and your team did a fabulous job with April and Gareth’s wedding event at Ironstone Vineyards.

I look forward to working with you again!

Warmest wishes,

Lyndsay Undseth
Lyndsay Undseth Photography

Our Dearest Debra,

Words could NEVER express how grateful we are to you.

Our wedding was so special and such a memory that will stay with us forever, because of you!

I’m sure no one ever had a wedding that impacted the guests and the couple as much as ours ~ thanks to you! Everything was so beautiful, so thoughtful. The gourmet wedding menu goodies were simply art in every sense. Thank you for your hard work, your immense generosity, and your love and support.

We love you.

Cindi and Lorenzo Bartone