Holiday Inn Sacramento | When Adam Found His Pretty Woman

Meagan and Her Groom Celebrate Their First Year of Bliss with Fond Memories of a Beautiful Celebration
Wriiten by Allison Hopkins for Très Fabu Event Planning and Design

Adam and Meagan Corrigan met while walking down the street in Las Vegas. Two years later, on the evening of February 25, 2011, they were dancing to their first reception song, “Pretty Woman.” She caught his eye and couldn’t help but inform him, ‘That’s me! I am your pretty woman!’

The Vegas trip was followed by a long distance relationship between London and Sacramento, a time when Meagan and Adam’s love grew stronger. When they decided to take the next step, they were under a bit of a time crunch since Adam was visiting on a tourist visa. They knew a wedding planner was in need. They had 6 weeks to plan the day!

“I have known Debra [Très Fabu Event Planning and Design] for several years,” says Meagan Corrigan. “I knew I could trust her expertise to see the little details that would make our event fabulous!”

Since the couple needed to make sure all the paperwork was filed prior to Adam’s visa expiring, they decided to split the ceremony and reception into two different days. It also gave Adam’s family (from London and Austria) time to make travel arrangements for the reception.

The Ceremony:

The couple was married in a small ceremony performed by a judge at City Hall in San Francisco. It was under three minutes and they read their own vows. It was followed by a beautiful dinner at Morton’s in the city, where she wore a white, knee length, strapless dress and he wore a grey suit.

Then…a month later…The Reception!

Date: February 25, 2012, 6pm
Location: Holiday Inn on J Street, Sacramento
Guests: 90
Dinner: American Cuisine

“Debra was my hero,” says Corrigan. “She exceeded all of our expectations when we walked into our reception room. It was beautiful and everything I could have dreamt of.”

The reception took place on the 16th Floor with panoramic views overlooking all of downtown Sacramento. Debra incorporated yellows, red, and golds into a very rich décor for the Friday evening celebration. The bride wore a dramatic gown that she adored.

“She [Debra] met with us several times during the planning process and new exactly where to get the items for the reception,” says Corrigan. “She also knew what questions to ask when working with the venue and how to make requests to ensure we were fully taken care of. For someone who has a lot of experience with the bits of a wedding (having photographed several hundreds), I knew the difference it makes to have one commander and a chief. It allowed all of my family and friends to be guests fully at our reception.”

How did the couple feel about their vendors? In Meagan’s words….

Debra Hiebèrt, Owner of Tres Fabu – “Our Hero”

Mike Anderson, Creative Memories, DJ – “Rocked the house, such a professional”

Jackie’s Flowers, Florist – “Beautiful designs full of texture; both my bouquets were one of a kind”

Phillip Alan Films, Videographer – “An inspiration. We premiered our wedding ceremony short film with our guests at the reception for the first time. It was like they were there with us!”

Michael Hall Photography and Andrea Bucheli Photography – “Both dear friends and a joy to have them with us on both days; our photographs are fun and beautiful!”

Ettore’s Bakery – Carrot Cake, both of our favorites! Cannolis, Cookies, and a Fruit Basket cake for guests!

Nora at the Holiday Inn – “very sweet and accommodating!”

Meagan and Adam went on a mini moon to Mendocino, where they rode bikes, relaxed in the saltwater spa, enjoyed massages, and ate vegetarian meals grown in the massive garden on the property.

One year later, the couple would ‘do it all over again’ and answers their current state of life as ‘L.O.V.E.’ Meagan is continuing to photograph brides and grooms (her career of nine years) and Adam is continuing his career as a professional fighter in mixed martial arts.