Merci Beaucoup ~ Wedding Guests

Hi Debra,

My partner and I have attended many weddings around the world in our 41 years together. However, we wanted to tell you that none have been as elegant, sophisticated, and “real” in theme, as what you all did for this particular wedding. The unique use of olive branches on the “Church Chairs”; magnolia garlands down both sides of the walkway; the fabulous soft lighting with the elegant candles; the special effects of the professional lighting in the “Church Setting” creating the appearance of church windows; the “Italianate palazzo” dining setting with the wonderful hanging strung lights; and the projected leaves on the walls, were spectacular.

You and your support staff are truly professionals. We wish we were young again, we would have you do us a wedding just like theirs, except it would be a “Southern theme” with lots of pastel gowns and big hats like they wear down south. We are sure that Stephanie and Justin loved every touch; we could see it in their smiles. We know the mother of the bride loved it because she said so.

Our best to you,

Byron Roberts and Dennis Merrill

Thank you so much for all your planning and hard work at my mom’s wedding. It was truly fabulous and you created such a special day that we as a family will never forget. Everyone raved about the menu, how great everything looked, and how hard you worked to create a flawless day for the bride and groom.

I know my mom thinks the world of you and was thrilled with her dream-wedding day. Thank you again, we are all lucky to have you in our lives!

Kia Kapci

Hi Debra!

Just had to tell you that you got simply rave reviews from everyone regarding the wedding yesterday! You were, as usual, thoughtful and beautifully creative and meticulous in detail, and brought together one of the most personal, unique, beautiful, and spiritually uplifting weddings I have ever attended. It helped that I love both the bride and groom a lot!

And I heard about your stunning surprise! You really outdid yourself. But then, you are a very thoughtful person. Scott and Karen, as well as everyone who attended, were moved and impressed by the entire event.

And where did you find the DJ? He was fabulous. The last dance with the vow recording under the heavens just blew us away.

You have really found your calling. Please get some rest so you don’t burn out. You are such an upbeat person. Everyone was impressed with your energy and joy.

Dave and I thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement. We have it on our dining room table and we will try to keep it alive as long as possible. It is so stunning! Come and visit us when you come up for air.

Love and blessings,

Elizabeth and David Olsowy