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Dear Debra,

We cannot thank you enough for orchestrating such a magical evening! You truly turned our vision of our wedding into reality. One of our friends said to us that it was as if we were on a movie set. The candlelit fireplace mantel was the perfect place for our ceremony, followed by the reception in the courtyard of the Firehouse Restaurant in Old Town Sacramento! The setting was absolutely modern, simple, and romantic. Everyone, including all 20 kids, had a blast!

We also want to thank you for introducing us to your contacts (hopefully I don’t forget anybody). We loved everyone! Leilani (makeup) and Renee (hairstylist) were like part of my family; we had a blast listening to Hip Hop during the trial run; they were with me up until I walked down the aisle, then later at the club! I’ll forward the link to CinZo’s website to view the pictures!

This leads us to Cindi and Lorenzo of CinZo Photography…, what a fabulous couple! They were so easy to work with and really made us feel comfortable. They captured the evening so that we would never forget how much fun we had. The pictures are fabulous! We can’t wait for the Fusion video! Debra, thank you for convincing me to do some sort of video of the wedding so we can capture conversations/voices.

The DJ/MOC, Sean, from Music and More Entertainment, was excellent! Sean went over and above the call of duty!

I have to give a couple of shout-outs to the Firehouse Restaurant (Shannon) and Bella Blooms (Vicky supplies the restaurant with all of their arrangements). What a beautiful setting in the Courtyard with the trees, mini-lights, and flowers everywhere! We picked the perfect night for our wedding!

Debra, thank you so much for all that you’ve done for us; you helped us keep close to budget with your suggestions and contacts and we didn’t have to worry about the day of our wedding. Everyone mentioned how professional and detailed you were that night! Thank you, Thank you! We have a new friend in you!!!

With love and friendship,

David and Carol Carmany

and our boys, Nicolas, Jack, and Justin

Darling Debra,

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for such an amazing and over the top intimate wedding you created within the walls of our home here in Carmel Valley this past Sunday. Our guests and our neighbors here in Tehama keep calling us or dropping by to share their abundance of joy with us! We all had such an amazing experience with you guiding us every step of the way!!!! You are the talk of the valley! It was completely sensational!!!

It was exactly what Andrew and I have wished for! Our home was dripping in complete romance; glowing with warm embers ablaze in our fireplaces; talented professional opera singers; cello and violin artists; and the opulent drama you created within the walls of our home was beyond amazing. It was intimate; heartfelt; lovely; and had the complete overtone of the incredible romantic drama we had wished it to encompass. No one wanted to leave. As you know, our last guest left at two in the morning after more fireside champagne and hot cordials.

We are looking forward to creating another celebration here with you and your eye for design!!! We are thinking of having another celebration at Pebble Beach!!! You must be here for that to design away! Must!!

We are actually thinking of hiring you to assist us in re-decorating a few rooms within the walls of our estate home. You brought so much joy and warmth to our wedding ceremony, that we want that feeling to linger on as we invite new and old friends back into our home.

Thank you. You are a treat of a woman to know and I treasure the fact that I can now call you my friend! We will have a fabulous gift for you soon my friend, to show you our deep appreciation for your talents and that gigantic heart of yours! Just you wait!

In love, friendship, and gratitude,

Andrew and Laine DeCarajio

“The newly Mrs. Laine DeCarajio”

Hello Miss Debra,

Amanda and your event team were truly fantastic.

I would like to thank you and all of your staff for making our wedding so magical and perfect. I never expected all of the vendors to hit the mark so perfectly.

You all brought my design and vision to life.

Everyone had an incredible time and will remember our event for a lifetime. We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and cooperation. It truly was a perfect evening.

I would love to meet with you over some drinks to discuss and reminisce about our wonderful day soon.

Thank you again for everything.

Much love,

April and Gareth Figgess

Debra & the Très Fabu Team,

Thank you so much for the making my wedding a dream come true. You all created an amazing event that was only possible by you! All of your hard work is greatly appreciated by Zach and I, as well as by our families.

Walking into the home, we were blown away!

There were so many details! It was so wonderful to have a stress-free day! Our day was perfect thanks to you.

Thank you all for everything!


Zach and Lauren Martin

I cannot say enough good things about Debra and her team at Très Fabu! They made my dream wedding a reality!

I came to Debra with a lot of random ideas and a fragmented vision, and she helped me to create a true vision, which took a lot of the stress of wedding planning off my shoulders.

I have to say that what Debra and her team created was above and beyond my wildest dreams.

I thought my wedding would look great, but she made it look amazing with a ton of extra touches that brought everything together. Having a wedding planner not only eased my stress during the planning process, but it definitely made my wedding day stress-free! I had no worries that everything would go as planned and on time with Debra at the helm, and was I ever right!

I cannot say enough good things about Très Fabu!

Megan Trautman-Sheffield

Dearest Debra,

Words cannot express our love and thankfulness for the beautiful wedding you created for us.

You and your team are amazing and we are forever indebted to you!


Megan and Phill Sheffield


We could not have asked for a more perfect celebration of our love. Thanks to you for all your efforts and for all your wonderful special touches that you bring to your events. Our wedding day was a fairy tale come true. I know that my mom was smiling from heaven at the way you took me under your wing. We are forever grateful.

~Merci mille fois.

Lots of hugs to you,

Erin and Scott Schueneman

Debra and the entire Très Fabu team;

Thank you for making our wedding the most magical and unforgettable day of my life. The wedding was everything I wanted: simple, classic, and elegant. Working with you and your ladies was a pleasure from the beginning to the end.

You were a blessing during the planning process. I know how hard you worked to give us everything we wanted within budget, and you delivered more than I could have expected. You really understood who we were, what we wanted, and brought our vision to life-and embellished it with your own flair without overpowering our ideas. We really appreciate you making our unconventional ideas (like cheesecake!) work for the wedding, and all your vendor recommendations were wonderful!

The day of the wedding was stress-free, largely because of your team. I was completely relaxed knowing you would have the reception ready when the ceremony ended. Your team kept us on track so we didn’t miss or rush any precious moments. You were always there when we needed you: for a drink, for a safety pin, for a handkerchief – you and the team predicted our every need, were very discrete, and provided such positive energy on such a long day! We wanted a fun, upbeat wedding, no tears on such a happy day, and you delivered one of the best parties I’ve ever had. What a relief it was to leave the reception knowing you would take care of the clean up; and the romantic honeymoon suite with the extra food was a touching surprise and the perfect end to the most unbelievable day.

The wedding was truly the most amazing day and I cannot think of a single thing that was less than perfect. I feel so lucky to have had your help, and to now have you in our life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.

All our love,

Carly and Jason


I can’t even organize my thoughts enough even now a few days after THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

Everyone on both sides of our families is inundating us with messages not only about how amazingly gorgeous the wedding was, but how truly happy and magical we both looked, and this is because of you and your tfep&d dream team.

After the holidays…and your next masterpiece wedding-I want to get all these thoughts running around in my head on paper and give them to you because at night I wake up and want to tell everyone how much I love them and appreciate them-it makes me cry in happiness because I truly do not remember feeling so happy in my life as felt on the night of my wedding.

Anyways, please let me know the best address for you and also I have to tell you…thank goodness for Facebook because now I know I can always be your friend :).

Thanks again for everything, and talk to you soon I hope.

Your happiest bride ever (seriously),

Mrs. Stephanie Castillo Part I

Dear Debra,

I told you after the wedding that I had so many things to tell you that I could not find the words. So now, a few weeks have turned into months later, and this is my attempt to express a small bit of what you have done for me and my family.

I was never the girl who dreamed of her wedding day. A tomboy. Did not care for dresses and not wedding dresses for sure. Wedding dreams never really swirled in my head to be quite honest.

I never thought about weddings really until I heard someone whispering about how sad it would be that I would never have the opportunity to walk down the aisle with my Dad or have my Father and Daughter Dance on my wedding day. For the next several years, I thought over and over again how no matter what, I never ever wanted to hear people whispering about how sad they were for me, and if it meant I would never have a wedding, so be it. I went from never thinking about weddings to thinking I was never going to have one.

After Justin and I met, within months, we seemed to be the kind of couple that would be together forever, wedding or not. Marriage was not necessary…but then one fine day…came the ring. ECSTATIC!! In the days after the proposal, we had a decision to make. A small non-wedding with just family or a big wedding celebrating the joy, love, and hope in our future together…this was what my family had always wanted for us…what everyone (even tomboy me) had always had reserved in the back of her mind as a possibility. Justin told me it was up to me, if I did not want to ‘deal’ with those whispering voices real or in my head, we could just have a small family ceremony.

Would my wedding be sad? Would I break down? Would people feel sorry for me and not happy for me? Would my family be okay?

The choice was already made. I was going to celebrate this to the fullest. I had high hopes. I was not sure how yet, but I knew it was going to be good.

And then I met a wedding planner who lived on hopes, and made dreams come true.

From the minute I talked to you, I knew I was in excellent hands and it was the best decision of the decade to have you as the maestro of all celebrations!

Debra, our wedding was the best day of my life. I do not remember feeling so happy, so comfortable, so ‘taken care of’….so hopeful and eager to continue this voyage with my new husband and our new joint family. When I see the wedding pictures and the snippets of wedding video from our day, the first thing I see is pure bliss in my face. Surrounded by friends and family, I was blissed to the max, and it was contagious! Everybody on both the night of the wedding and weeks later kept telling me how wonderful, fun, and joyous our wedding was.

Post script: One of the stories I heard the very next day after our wedding day.

The night of our wedding, one of our wedding guests (a nurse) saw the doctor she works for in the lobby with his daughter, they were returning from the Nutcracker performance that evening.

He asked what she (the nurse) was doing at the hotel lobby, and she said “Well I am here attending a wedding…” The doctor’s seven-year old daughter inquired if she could see the wedding, and reluctantly, we let her take a peek inside.

After just seeing the Nutcracker, her only response to what she saw in the room of our wedding celebration was “THIS is the most beautiful wonderland!!!”

Yes, it was!!!


Stephanie Castillo Part II

Dear Debra,

I am so ashamed it’s taken me this long to write to you, but I guess it’s better late than never.

Thank you so much for making my wedding reception so beautiful!!! Looking back, I realize I wasn’t much help in the planning, I guess I was in ‘la la land.” I know that probably made it harder for you, but I have to confess that I’m glad I wasn’t that involved! You chose things that I couldn’t even have pictured or dreamed of, and I absolutely loved it! You are so talented. And thank you for the gift you gave us to enjoy during our honeymoon in Hawaii; because of that we were able to take a helicopter ride that Eric had dreamed about his whole life! Oh! And we loved what you left in the hotel room too! Everything was absolutely perfect.

Thank you for all you did, and you did tons.

We sure love and appreciate you!

Eric and Tiffany Stratton

The Stratton Family

(Henry and Violet now too!)

To Debra and the Très Fabu Team,

We would like to thank you for all your hard work and your exquisite attention to detail. You have earned a special place in our hearts and in our family, for making our wedding dreams come true.

Thanks to you and your team, we threw the best party our friends and family had ever been too!

Words cannot sum up our gratitude for helping us communicate our love and relationship through music, lights, colors, themes, and flowers.

The colors were AMAZING!

The Dream Team was awesome to work with! They were hardworking, dedicated to seeing our vision through, attentive, personable, and flexible; but most importantly they wanted to know about us and our unique story. From the ceremony down to the introduction of the bridal party, you could see us in every detail!

We have become close over the last year, through all the meetings, planning, and “distractions,” and the most important aspect of this newfound, genuine relationship was that you and your team were there every step of the way helping us, encouraging us, and keeping us focused for our beautiful wedding day!

Debra Hiebèrt and her Dream Team captured what I had always dreamt of for my special day. Thomas and I gained so much more from the experience that day than words can express. We truly have dear friends for life.

Our deepest gratitude to Debra and Her Fabulous Dream Team!

Thomas and Melissa Lawson


Thank you so much for taking the creative reins for our “rock ‘n’ rolla/fashion glam” wedding weekend.

My mother and I feel such relief having you leading our team. I am so excited for everything. Thank you so much for all that you are doing for us.

Much Aloha and Warm Wishes,

Ashleigh Wilbert and Julia Wilbert Part I

Miss Debra,

There are no words that can express the thankfulness that Kris and I hold in our hearts for your creation of our dream wedding. We’ve waited our entire lives for this magical day to come, and now that it has passed, we feel that our expectations were surpassed…by far!!!!

You are so kind, and such a beautiful person inside and out. Your hard work and dedication to our event showed, and your respect for our wishes was so easily seen.. and we can’t thank you enough. You took any worries I had and made them go away. Your staff was utmost delightful, and amazing. Your artistic ability is fabulous, and you were able to make my vision a reality, and make it even better than I could’ve ever imagined. I thank you so much for all the surprises you and my mom came up with, and I’m so glad I didn’t ruin them… I truly did feel like a rock-star princess on July 25th, and that feeling will always be in my heart when I think of my special day. I was driving with Kris today in the car, and our last song of the evening came on, Angel by Aerosmith, and I got a little misty-eyed and was instantly filled with tears of joy…and I will always think of my wedding day when I hear this song, how amazing it was, and I will always think of the angel God has sent to me, and that is you! I wish you the utmost success, happiness, and joy because that is what you have given to us…. and you deserve it.

Love always,

Your biggest fan, dear friend, and thankful bride,

Ashleigh Yates Part II


Words cannot express the amount of love, appreciation and thanks that I have for you. Not only your ability to transform my dream day into a reality, but the great care in which you have handled it with. You are truly an amazing person and have made an impact on my life with your positive attitude and your ambition to make anything possible. I can only hope to tackle my life with the same spirit that you do with your events. You are so gifted and talented and I am blessed to have you as my ‘très fabu’ miracle worker.

I will always have a special place in my heart for you!

You Rock Mama!

Love always,

Mrs. Ashleigh Yates Part III

Debra Hiebèrt is absolutely fantastic – there are no better words to describe her! She is such a sweet person, and really took the time to get to know my husband and I before the big day. Our wedding was in Carmel, and she drove down the day before to participate in the rehearsal and was there from early in the morning on the wedding day until late at night.

She added many little touches-from suggestions for table themes, to napkin colors, to menu designs-that made the reception flawless. She made our wedding day run so smoothly, and I’m not even sure how some things happened, but I guess that’s part of her magic! I would recommend Debra and her team to anyone planning a big event, and especially to any busy brides like myself who have little time to focus on wedding planning. Our entire family (many of whom are hard to impress) was blown away by the event, and it was thanks to Debra’s personal touches!

Teresa and Eric Sparks


Thank you so much for helping us to truly enjoy our wedding day!!!

We know that working with our whole multicultural/multilingual “wedding team” was not easy, but you were able to find a common language with everyone!

You were so wonderful at listening to our ideas and bringing them to life on the special day! Everything in our wedding reflected us and our style, and that was exactly what we wanted our wedding to be.

Thank you for being a caring, understanding, and VERY patient person. Everything you did for us is greatly appreciated.

It is difficult to trust something as special as a wedding to a stranger. Thank you very, very much for NOT being a stranger, and for being a truly trustworthy friend.

Many blessings to you,

Vladi and Olga Petlinsky