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Dearest Debra,

From the first day I met you I knew you would be my wedding planner. My mother and I loved your work and most of all your personality! You are such a warm-hearted person who not only puts in the hard work to create beautiful weddings but you also put your heart into every event. I felt that you wanted to give us the wedding of our dreams and that is exactly what you did.

Along the way we laughed and cried together. I never felt as though you were a “vendor” but more like a family member who wanted the best for us. You walked into our lives as a stranger and 1.5 years later became someone we will never forget. The ceremony and reception were absolutely gorgeous! Your ideas, advice, and more over your presence are what made our wedding unique.

When my parents first thought about hiring a wedding planner I was not won over. I thought I could plan the wedding on my own but as time went by, I realized just how valuable you are to not only creating a beautiful wedding but also creating peace of mind for the bride.

I think one of the greatest things about having a wedding planner is that the day of the wedding all I needed to do was walk down the aisle, smile, and have a good time. Never did I have to worry about anything; it was our special day.

When Randy and I think of Debra, so many emotions fill our mind-thinking about all our meetings, talking about everything from how we pictured our wedding to the color of the linens. Because of Debra’s expertise with wedding events, we chose to go with her recommendations for our linens, invitations, cake, florist, DJ, and Videographer. They were all fabulous vendors and not one of them let us down.

Thank you Debra for making our wedding celebration the most memorable event in our lives thus far. We did it big and we did it right by having Très Fabu lead the way. Thank you Debra for everything you have done for us; you are such a giving person with so much talent, and may all your dreams come true…as you have created the wedding of our dreams.

With Love and Sincere Gratitude,

Sonia and Randy Byard

Dear Debra,

Thank you so much for everything! You did so much to make our day great. I really don’t know how people do it without you! I can’t imagine having to decorate and make sure everything goes smooth while trying to enjoy any part of the wedding day. I was very blessed to have you to work with!

The church was beautiful, the reception was fabulous, the food was a hit, the cake was the best I have ever had, and everyone says they had a great time.

Thank you so much!


Ashley and Jimmy Johnson


How can we begin to say thank you for the magic you created for our special day?

From the day we met you we knew you would be a part of our family forever. Not because of what you did for us, but for who you are. You truly are an incredible, inspirational, amazing woman who is the best wedding planner in the world. You were able to take our hopes and visions for our wedding and bring them to life. You created a winter wonderland like nobody could of imagined. You went above and beyond what anyone could imagine for this event-countless hours, searching through forests for branches, and 31.5 hours the day of the event, all for us. How can we ever give back to you what you have given to us?

Our wedding does not only go down in our memories, but in the memories of everyone who was there. Every guest has gone out of their way to track us down and tell us they have never been to anything like it and we have ruined them for weddings for life!

You are truly the best in the business because you have the know how to make it happen and the heart to see it through. Debra, thank you, thank you, thank you for fulfilling Nick’s and my dreams. We will never forget what you have done for us. Thank you for the love you have shared with us, and thank you for the magic you have given us.

We love you.

Nicola and Nicolie Lettini

Choosing to work with Très Fabu Event Design on my wedding was without a doubt the best decision I’ve made. They deliver top-notch service, have exceeded all expectations, and are an absolute delight to work with!

Jen Mussetter-Goodnow

Debra is so creative and particular that she makes every event a success. I have had the privilege not only to work for her but also to have her plan my wedding (which turned out so gorgeous). Thank you, Debra!

Kendall Burley

Debra is the world’s best. I have seen her work at other weddings and there is nothing or no one that could top her. She is creative, inspiring, wonderful, heartfelt, and ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. I absolutely love her and I am so lucky to have her.

Nicolie Cass

Debra Hiebèrt and the entire event team at Très Fabu Event Planning and Design are beyond fabulous! They arrived at North Shore in Lake Tahoe for five days and transformed our private home into a winter wonderland. Beyond my imagination. Debra’s details were amazing and it was ever so perfect. Our day was filled with joy, laughter, and romance.

Bradford and Audra Kennedy

Dearest Debra,

What could we possibly have done without you?!

I really think that if we didn’t meet you, we would have either eloped in Vegas or still be trying to plan our wedding!

I truly miss our planning sessions and the yummy tastings. Also, we truly enjoyed discussing the vision for our wedding and we’re still amazed at how beautiful and amazing everything came together.

We had such a fantastically wonderful time at our wedding. It was truly more than anything we could have dreamed of. Again, thank you so much for everything you did!! (And for putting up with all of Darrick and my little arguments too!)

We miss you so much and thank you!!!

Nancy and Darrick Bingham

Debra and Très Fabu are simply the best! Debra is compassionate, creative, proactive, and gives every event and bride her best. She listens to her client’s dreams and wishes and transforms them into reality.

Très Fabu made our special day the most memorable because she captured everything we wanted and wished for. We could not have asked for a better Wedding/Event Designer. Not only is she a wonderful Wedding/Event Designer, she is truly a wonderful friend! If you are looking for someone who is dependable, creative, and loves her job… contact Debra at Très Fabu!

Alissa and Blaine Johnson

Debra is simply the best-the best mentor (especially since family sometimes gets a bit out of hand during the wedding planning process!), and the best planner…a couple’s best friend during this time. Fred and I enjoyed the wedding of our dreams with her help. We were very impressed with her efforts and very touched by her sincerity. She definitely enjoys her work and involves herself to the fullest extent into every event that she designs.

Fred and Eva Harris

I wanted to thank you again for all of your beautiful creativity, hard work, and time you spent on Galen and I and our fabulous wedding. You really were the mom when I needed it, the friend, the counselor, the aunt, and the sister. So thank you for all of your hard work! You made our wedding the most enjoyable thing that Galen and I have done together thus far.

Thanks again for everything.

Galen and Lindsey O’Connell

Dear Debra,

A zillion thank you’s wouldn’t be enough to express our gratitude.

Thank you so much for all of the amazing ways you made the wedding so perfect. All of your good ideas, and willingness to do anything and everything. Thank you for being so nice and kind to everyone in my family and being so professional at all of the needed moments as well.

You were a lifesaver for us and we will always hold such a special place in our hearts for you.

Thanks for making our day so fabulous. We had an amazing time.

All of our warmest wishes,

Tina and David Hookum


It is not possible to put into words the gratitude we feel for giving us the most beautiful beginning to our life together. Debra, in five weeks (or less!) you created a wedding day that was more perfect than I had, in 23 years, created in my mind’s eye.

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talents, persistence, patience, and love with us. I am sure that November 18th was a crazy/busy day for you, but for Mark and I, it was flawless. Thank you for giving us that perfect memory.

Beyond the physical beauty that you put together, you brought a gorgeous feeling to the entire process. I loved each person you introduced me to as we picked out food, stationary, flowers, tents, and lighting. It was wonderful to meet such kind and talented people. Thank you for letting me learn from you, you are amazing-no, you are fabulous!

I love you!

Jenny and Mark Wilkes

Dear Debra,

Thank you so much for everything on our wedding day. Michael and I could not have asked for a better day and you made it go so smoothly. I’m so glad you were there to share in our special day and make it perfect.

Thank you for everything and we look forward to helping you with all your weddings ~ Michael knows how to do tents!

Lacey and Michael Wright

Family Owners of Celebrations Elegant Party Rentals

A tented affair on their private family estate in Roseville, California.


I cannot thank you enough for all of the elegant details you incorporated at my wedding! Your ideas are beautiful! You were so easy to work with and I enjoyed every minute! I have never had anyone get me excited about my own wedding!

This check is a simple “thank you” for making our wedding simply fabulous, but please mark your calendar now for next summer to spend a week on my houseboat-and during that week you will not have to worry about a thing! I will do it all! Just come and worry about relaxing! You and your husband will love it!

Thank you again,

Mary and Steven Langsdorf

Dearest Debra,

Words cannot express how much Danny and I appreciate everything you did to make our wedding day the most incredible day of our lives. Everything looked so beautiful and elegant. From the ceremony to the table décor to the “fab” cake table…all the details were nothing I have ever seen before. We are still getting calls from guests about the wedding. Everyone was so impressed and it was all because of you.

It was such a pleasure planning my wedding with you, as I am writing this I’m getting teary-eyed, for I’m going through wedding planning withdrawals.


Golli and Danny

Whitney Oaks Country Club, Rocklin, California

Dearest Debra,

Michael and I wanted to thank you for all the time and attention you spent on our wedding. All the little details you created to pull together our small town affair. Your ”keep the faith” attitude and willingness to make our ideas come to life was truly a blessing to have. Your eye for detail and design, along with the coordination of the Très Fabu team to bring it together, made the day as we had hoped: carefree to turn our attention to what we so much wanted, to share with each other and our friends and family, our love and devotion to a lifetime of marriage, friendship, and unconditional love!

Everywhere we looked at the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception, during the dinner, and the close of the evening, took our breath away Debra! The crescendo of candlelight was truly blissful!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a beautiful and fabulous wedding day!

Michael and Kimberly Kirack

Dear Debra,

Words alone cannot express our gratitude. We were truly amazed at how you were able to capture our vision of what we wanted for our wedding day. You created the wedding of our dreams. The reception was beautiful! The room brought tears to our eyes. Each and every detail was perfect. We loved the menus for each guest table and the iron “W” on the cake!

You truly embraced our family on this special day! Cortney and I, along with our family, were able to focus on the event knowing that you had taken care of all the behind-the-scenes operations. And for that we will be forever grateful! Thank you so much!


Katie and Cortney Williams

Words cannot begin to explain how blessed we feel to have found the most fabulous wedding designer, wedding planner, and now a long-term friend. All of the planning that you and your staff have done for us is immeasurable.

We greatly valued and appreciated all of your hard work and dedication to making our wedding celebration beautiful, elegant, romantic, and memorable.

You are “The Fairy God-Mother” for brides and you do make a bride’s dream come true.

Thank you again for everything!!

Inthira and Alvaro Mendoza


Thank you so much for creating our fabulous wedding day! It was everything we could of hoped for and more. Your ability to be calm, collected, and organized throughout the event was greatly appreciated. The little design details you added really made an impact and a huge difference for our wedding, and made it even that more wonderful!

Thanks again,

Rachael and Chris Heinsen