Carmel Valley | Private Estate | Note of Gratitude from Laine & Andrew’s Carmel Valley Wedding Celebration on 10.24.10

Darling Debra ~

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for such an amazing and over the top intimate wedding you created within the walls of our home here in Carmel Valley this past Sunday.  Our guests and our neighbors here in Tehama keep calling us or dropping by to share their abundance of joy with us!  We all had such an amazing experience with you guiding us every step of the way!!!!  You are the talk of the valley!  It was completely sensational!!!

It was exactly what Andrew and I have wished for!  Our home was dripping in complete romance; glowing with warm embers ablaze in our fireplaces; talented professional opera singers; cello and violin artists; and the opulent drama you created within the walls of our home was beyond amazing.  It was intimate; heartfelt; lovely and had the complete overtone of the incredible romantic drama we had wished it to encompass.  No one wanted to leave.   As you know our last guest left at two in the morning after more fireside champagne and hot cordials.

We are looking forward to creating another celebration here with you and your eye for design!!!  We are thinking of having another celebration at Pebble Beach!!!  You must be here for that to design away!  Must!!

We are actually thinking of hiring you to assist us re-decorating a few rooms within the walls of our estate home.  You brought so much joy and warmth to our wedding ceremony, that we want that feeling to linger on as we invite new and old friends back into our home.

Thank you.  You are a treat of a woman to know and I treasure the fact that I can now call you my friend!  We will have a fabulous gift for you soon my friend to show you our deep appreciation for your talents and that gigantic heart of yours!  Just you wait!

In love, friendship and gratitude,

“The newly Mrs. Laine DeCarrajio”

Andrew & Laine DeCarrajio

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